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In 1995, after receiving news from his model friend Zack Hankins about many modeling job opportunity in Bangkok, and wanting to closer to his two great-aunts,  Art decided to travel to Bangkok to stay for 2 months.   Soon after arriving Thailand, Art landed an editorial for Dirk Bikemberg 1995 Summer Collection by Axil@39 for Dichan Magazine, the top fashion magazine in Thailand, and  photographed by Mr. Witaya Marayard, one of Thailand best fashion photographer.   Art also got another editorial modeling for Image Magazine along side his buddy Zach.  It was the first time they had ever work together.  

Art's first fashion editorial in Thailand for Dichan came out in the August 1995 which was the commemoration of Queen Sirikit Birthday Special Issue.  Needless to say,  Art was a big hit in his debut effort working as a model in Thailand. His editorial for Image Magazine that came out  the following week also received a very well reception.  Everybody wanted to know more about the handsome caucasian muscular model with a Thai name.  (Art decided to use his childhood name Supawatt Aumprasit in the credit instead of his real name, Art Purdy.  This is because even though he does not look anything like a Thai person, but Art is Thai through and through and proud of it.)

Art Supawatt Purdy (ศุภวัฒน์ อ่ำประสิทธิ์) in Dirk Bikemberg for Dichan Magazine

Unfortunately, Art had already left at the end of July to go back to NYC and did not get to enjoy the high from his success.   According to his friend, Anurak, many calls were coming in looking for Art.  He also told Art that he should come back to Thailand and take advantage of this great opportunity  if he wanted to pursue his modeling career in Thailand.  

Once again Art had to make a tough decision about his life that would greatly affect his life.  Not knowing what to do he turned to his mother Linda once again, and asked her for her advice.   She thought it would be a great idea not only because he will potentially got a lot of work, but he will also have a chance to be close to his two elderly great-aunts and see to it that they're well taken care of.  

And once again, with his mom's blissing and support, Art decided to move to Thailand in October of 1995.   It proved to be the best decision of his life because unbeknownst to Art at the time, this move was to be the move that would change his life completely beyond his wildest dream.

Art arrived Thailand on October 31, 1995.   As soon as people heard about Art's back in Thailand,  many calls started to pour in for commercials, fashion shows and fashion editorials.  The Dirk Bikemberg editorial in Dichan magazine really launched Art's modeling career beautifully, giving him the exposure he needed to succeed in Thailand.  Thanks to his unique look, muscular body with six pack stomach and being fluent in Thai, Art received a warm welcome in the form of  steady stream of work for fashion editorials, fashion shows, print ads and commercials.   For the next two years, Art was in high demand, appearing on the pages of all the major fashion magazines of the day like Image, Preow and Praew Sudsubda, just to name a few.   

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