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Sapan Dao
ส ะ พ า น ด า ว

Sapan Dao (Star Bridge) (Thai: สะพานดาว) was a 1999 15-episodes primetime television miniseries produced for Thai Ch. 7 by Kantana Video Production Company, one of Thailand oldest and biggest multi-media one-stop shop production company. 

Based on a novel of the same name by Thailand National Artist Thomayanthree, Sapan Dao was originally produced for the newly created television alliance Tele5 to be a part of Mon-Tues night Ch. 5 primetime line-up.  After the production completed, Kantana realised that they had something good in their hands with great potentials to become a big hit.  At the very last minute, Kantana sold 'Sapan Dao' to Ch. 7, Thailand most watched television network. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

'Sapan Dao' premiered on Ch. 7 in May of 1999 and quickly became a must-see TV every Wed.-Thur. nights.  Everybody were tuning in to see a new television revelation in the form of a muscled-up leadingman, a foreigner who looked nothing like a Thai person, yet spoke Thai like a native.  In short, 'Sapan Dao' performed well beyond any expectations and became a runaway hit in 1999.  Overnight, 'Sapan Dao' put Art on the map of Thai entertainment as one of the new up and coming leading man.  Art's portrayal of  Jak inspired many less fortunated kids and orphants to have hope that they too could have a good future just like Jak despite a rough beginning. In addition, the female lead, Ms. SriRita Jensen, began her acting career beautifully in this made for TV adaptation of Thomayantee's novel.


Thanks to Youtube, the fans can now watch the entire series of 'Sapan Dao' in Art's Youtube Channel.  For the first time, Art learned that  he became a role model for many fans as they shared their success stories  in the comments.  They said that Jak's life in 'Sapan Dao' helped to inspire them to build their  own starbridge to cross over all the obsticles so they can reach success on the other side.  Some fans shared how they still have nice memories about watching 'Sapan Dao' when they were young. Needless to say that Art was thrilled to learn that his portrayal of Jak touched so many lives so profoundly.


Since its debut, 'Sapan Dao' has been widely regarded as Art's masterpiece. His portrayal of American-Thai half-breed self-raised orphan who grew up in a temple name Jak or Johnie was singled out for particular praise.  When asked about how did he prepare for the role in order to become Jak on screen so naturally, realistically and effortlessly, his answer was the that im many ways he could identify with being Jak like being a half-breed and growing up without a parents.


He added that even though he's luckier than Jak but their humble beginnings were very similar in many ways. Art continued to say that he totally understand Jak's thoughts and desires, because like Jak, Art was determinded to never let his less-than-zero beginning be in the way of becoming successful and having a good life.  


During his prime years working as an actor, Art had a chance to star opposite some of Thailand's Best Leading Female in some of the most memorable series of all time, like 'Eprink, Kon Reung Muang' (with Mai Jareonpura), 'Fai Kammathep' (with Ning Kullasatree), and Thai cult classic 'Petch Ta Maeow' (with Emma Warraratn Suvarnaratn).

Art Supawatt Purdy อาร์ต ศุภวัฒน์ อ่ำประสิทธิ์  on cover of Sapan Dao (Star Bridge) สะพานดาว
Sapan Dao (Star bridge) 

ส ะ พ า น ด า ว


Directed by:  Thapakorn Disayanun
Kantana Video Production
Starring:  Supawatt Aumprasit (Art Supawatt Purdy), Sririta Jensen, Ornnapa Krissadee, Nopachai, Chaiyanam, Ruj Ronapop

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ทำนอง/เรียบเรียง : เดี่ยว

ขับร้อง : ปิยรัฐ กัลย์จาฤก
Kantana Group Co.,Ltd






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