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Cold White Lies & Red Hot Scandals

The musical

In 2011, Star Maker Production, a production company based in Singapore, was searching for the male lead to complete the International Assemble Cast for a musical comedy 'Cold White Lies and Red Hot Scandals,' headlining by the multi-talented Singaporean singer/performer/actress Leena Salim. Produced by one of Singapore most reputable producer Calvin Tan, Cold White Lies & Red Hot Scandals 2011 edition was a sequel to a highly successful 2003 edition, also staring Leena Salim.  

For the 2011 edition, according to Mr. Tan, he discovered Art from his Facebook profile. After googled Art on the internet and a few more clicks after, Mr. Tan soon discovered that Art would be perfect to play Barry opposite Ms Leena Salim.  

Art was contacted and asked to audition via Skype singing the King of Rock, Elvis Presley's classic 'Its now or never,' and the rest, as they say, is history!


Art traveled to Singapore at the beginning of May 2011, and almost immediately after arriving, he began the one month grueling task of rehearing for 'Cold White Lies,' which opened to a full house on June 16, 2011 at Titanium, the Esplanade, Singapore.

Art Supawatt Purdy (ศุภวัฒน์ อ่ำประสิทธิ์) as The Player in Cold White Lies Musical Poster

cold white lies & red hot scandals

The  Musical


@ Esplanade, Singapore

Starring: Leena Salim, Supawatt Aumprasit (Art Supawatt Purdy)

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