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Art Supawatt Purdy Magazine Cover ไฟกามเทพ.png
FAI KAMMATHEP (Fire of Desire)
ไ ฟ ก า ม เ ท พ

Fire of Desire or Fai Kamatape, based on a novel  by Busayamas of the same name, was the first time that Art appeared in the mini-series for ch. 3.   For this romantic love story made and produced by Shadow Entertainment, Art was paired with RS Promotion's Number 1 Star and one of Thailand top leading lady Ning Kullasatree Siripongpreeda.

Art Supawatt Purdy Magazine Cover ไฟกามเ
Fai KAMmathep (fire of desire) 

ไ ฟ ก า ม เ ท พ


Directed by:  Adul Dulyarat
Shawdow Entertainment/RS Promotion
Starring:  Supawatt Aumprasit (Art Supawatt Purdy),  Kullasatree Siripongpreeda, Yoe Hassadeevichit, Deuntem Salitul, Piacher Christensen
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